Migrant staff struggling with NZ workplace communications


Do you have ESOL staff who find it difficulty with the subtleties of NZ  workplace communication?  cialis 5mg Now there’s an excellent practical book available called ‘Workplace Talk in Action: An ESOL resource’  Written by Nicky Riddiford and Dr Jonathan Newton, it provides practical tips,  exercises, and dialogues on topics such as making requests, small talk, and apologising. On purchase you get the opportunity to download the relevant audio  dialogues. It is available from the university or from Vic Books

The book is based research into NZ workplace communication by the  Applied Linguistics Department.  This research has provided the basis for Nicky Riddiford’s  teaching in the  University’s very successful Skilled Migrant programme.  When I was presenting the workshop last week, I asked Nicky how she would describe the main change people have to make to manage communication in the NZ workplace. Interestingly her answer was that they have to soften their approach. Seems we’re not as straigth forward as we like to think we are! 

Through my involvement in the Rotary Club of Wellington,  I present a regular workshop titled ‘Thinking on Your Feet’.  It is always very interesting working with a group of professional people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Here’s me presenting the programme.

The Skilled Migrant  programme won an EEO Award last year and Rotary is very proud of its involvement.  Rotarians provide workshops on specialist topics, people to give interview practice and role play other work situations.  It helps with internships for the students and provides mentoring for the students as they graduate from the programme. a great town-gown partnership.

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