Tips for training with a Webinar


In my last blog I was facing the challenge of training by the webinar. I have survived and now I’m up to number 3.

Well actually it’s number 4 as I had to repeat the 2nd one due to ‘technical’ hitches. Only half of the participants were able to hear me which sort of defeats the purpose

So now I am feeling like I can pass on some of my tips and findings. I realise that 3 doesn’t make me an expert  however there has been some problems which we have overcome…and I’m sure you will find your own.

Tip number 1: Get organised well before you start. You need your water as you will get dry and if possible a ‘helper’ to pass the messages to you as they can come in thick and fast

Tip number 2:Rehearse out loud preferably with someone else.  They can do the timing  and give you feedback on whether you are getting your message across or not

Tip number 3:Be careful with colloquialisms. It’s quite difficult to explain when you have a short time to get through the material and you may be holding up the other participants.

Tip number4: Sound enthusiastic.It’s quite a challenge being excited in front of your laptop but it does sound a whole lot better that reading drone like from a script.

I think I’ve passed the first hurdles and can now discard my ‘training’ wheels and start to enjoy this new way (to me) of working with participants throughout the country

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