It’s that time of the year!


I was talking recently to a group of women at a Her Business function in Taupo New Zealand. My topic was time management and resilience and I got to thinking about how precious our time is at this particular time of the year.

We are all busy but for some reason we place so much pressure on ourselves to “get things done before the Christmas break”.

How many of you are chasing your tail to make sure you have things up to date before the last week of December?

We get caught up in a whirlpool that threatens to pull us down and drag us to the depths-just the recipe for getting a bug as we take off to the beach. Or the migraine ,or whatever it is that reduces your chance of a relaxing break.

What I said to the session was how important it was not to lose sight of what is important to you.

The best tips are: Make it a conscious decision (if you were really thinking would you be doing it?)

Work on your ‘should’s’ (the have to’s will look after themselves)

Ask yourself “Is this the best use of my time right now”?

Do something different when you get home e.g If you work alone go out and meet others,or if you are surrounded by people at work do something solitary -just for yourself

And finally LOVE what you are doing-life is awfully short

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