Communicating when travelling


Many of you will be travelling at some time this year,or certainly will have travelled in the past.  Recently I was flying internationally and I began thinking about the habits we have when close sharing on planes is unavoidable.

Firstly unless you are travelling with a companion (in my case sometimes my husband) you almost always sit next to a stranger. They remain a stranger only for a very short time .Usually it is the glance, slight smile and then a short comment until the tray table comes down.

That seems to be the cue to begin ‘getting to know you’ sort of conversation.  Along the lines of “where are you off to?” or “Are you on holiday?”  Occasionally it can seem like a short interrogation

If you live in New Zealand and you are going on a long haul trip you then make arrangements for sleep.  Once again this has habit and ritual when travelling alongside a stranger. Avoid all eye contact as they snuggle into their blanket. Ignore noises you normally only hear from your loved ones and try not to wake them when you inevitably need to go to the bathroom!

Travelling is rewarding at times you can meet and have really good conversations with fellow passengers.

Just beware of the chatty ones. Then you need to resort to the eye masks, ear plugs and hope they don’t bump you when they get up to move.

This is a recent photo taken in Kuala Lumpur with a group of participants

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