How to inspire people by tapping into their dreams


This morning I had a stimulating conversation with a person who had led an award winning hospitality business.

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 I asked him what he believed was the key to excellent customer service. He replied that in NZ tourism, everyone has a dream they are trying to live – after all,  noone comes here by accident!  His approach is that if you can help that person fulfill that dream with your customer service, the rest will follow.

I went away thinking that the principle applies to more than customer service.

When I go into a dress shop, I  dream of buying an outfit that magically makes me look divine….well!

When I receive a business email, I have a small dream that the email  makes it clear what I have to do about it.

Take presentations for example: Your audience must have some sort of dream in relation to your topic, or they wouldn’t be there.  Figure out how you can help them with that dream and inspiration will follow.   I looked back over recent presentation rehearsals we had worked on. One was in telecommunications – the company presenting to health professionals in rural environments.   Presumably  her audience’s dream would be about how modern telecommunications could improve access to health for rural people, or overcome some barrier in running their medical service.  So the presentation could be about those possibilities.  Another was with an economics consultancy. The presenter could tap into an audience dream about understanding some important aspect of economics – now wouldn’t that be nice?  Or the dream might be about reaching a new understanding  about  an economics concept that sheds light on a key current event.

This form of inspiration means that you don’t have to ‘be inspiring’ yourself – all you have to do is to enable your audience to be inspired themselves. There’s lots more to it than that, but this seems like a very productive starting point. There are more tips on the attractive Seelemonslive blog

I suspect the concept applies to more than presenting.  How what ways does your role enable people to fulfill a dream or two?

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