How to ask for a pay rise and do you deserve one?!


Recently I have noticed a few friends complaining about a lack of money and that they would love a pay rise to help pay for school fees, holidays and so on.  This got me thinking about writing a post about the dreaded task of asking for a pay rise.  Surely this must be one of the most daunting conversations you can have with an employer.

In order to achieve a positive outcome, I have gathered some tips for you.  But firstly, be aware that your employer isn’t interested in funding your lifestyle so do some research so that you have some good convincing material to get you the increase you want.

As with any difficult conversation, you need to plan your approach first.  If you are not prepared and do not come across well, you may have blown your chance, which could mean waiting another six months or more to bring up this issue again.

Firstly, ask yourself : Do I deserve a pay rise?

Have you recently taken on more responsibility? Do you frequently work longer hours?  Is your job now quite different from the job description when you first started?

How much of an increase do you want?  Do some research into this. Don’t expect to be paid well over the market rate. Be realistic. Have a look at the  salary guide in the jobs section on TradeMe

By being well prepared you may find that the dreaded conversation works surprisingly well!  Go into the meeting confident of the work you do and what you achieve.

Explain why you are asking for a raise.

Tell your employer what pay rise you are looking at getting and have with you the research documentation that backs this figure.

Be prepared to negotiate. One of the best books on negotiation is also the simplest:

Timing is also important.  Obviously you shouldn’t request a meeting when you can see your employer is dealing with a big workload.  Perhaps try timing a meeting on or before your anniversary of employment or at the end of the financial year.

Here’s hoping you get what you want!  Good luck!

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