Making the most of your introvert


Want to read an interesting book that will change the way you see people? Try ‘Quiet: The power of the introvert in a world that can’t stop talking’.

The author is Susan Cain.  I posted a link a few weeks ago to her  TED Talk: The Power of the Introvert.

Cain explores her thesis that the brains of introverts are wired differently and are just often out of sync with the extroverted Western world.  Her book covers the research on introverted and extroverted brains and has a series of interesting cameo stories to carry the key ideas.

If you are an introvert struggling to manage in the extroverted world this book will help.  If you are an extrovert struggling to communicate with introverts,this book will also give you some excellent insights.

She’s really suggesting that our work environments would gain hugely in productivity and engagement if we broadened our approaches to accommodate introverted styles as well as extroverts. There’s an attractive blog on this subject with more tips on managing from both sides,  at Introverted and Loving It


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