Great way to overcome procrastination over all your New Year resolutions


Ah, don’t we plan all manner of goals for the coming year and then very rapidly fall by the wayside?  When I lived in the US, there’d be the usual New Year Resolution stuff in the media, then come January 3rd or 4th I’d see tips for handling your depression about already failing at the resolutions.

There was a memorable metaphor in one of the Quora threads over the break: How do I get over my bad habit of procrastinating?   Via cartoons, it creates Albert, who is the logical bit of your brain, and Rex who is an impulsive baby reptile. Using this metaphor the writer describes the reasons for procrastination and provides some excellent tips for overcoming it.

One tip is: Bias your environment: Rex is shortsighted and not very bright. If he sees a Facebook  icon, he wants it. Design your environment to be free from such distractions.’  How did I come across this link?  Well….I just kind of noticed the Quora entry and the appealing subject line and got distracted into following it!

I’d be interested in hearing how you got on with the tips.

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