Can you transform your thinking from negative to positive?


Two of my friends walked the glorious  Lake Waikaremoana together with a small group recently. This last weekend I asked each of them separately how the trip had gone.  

The results were fascinating: Person One had a WONDERFUL time – loved the lake, the bush, the length of the walk, the view from Panikiri Bluff and so on.

I reported this to Person Two who,  in tones of total disbelief, said: ‘Didn’t she tell you all the negatives? It rained, someone didn’t have the right sort of jacket, people argued, someone was worryingly unfit, people snored..’ you can imagine the rest!

Whilst there is interesting evidence that negativity isn’t always negative, I know who I’d rather have been in Waikaremoana with!

Do you feel that you are a bit negative?  The starting point is to realise that you can choose to change your view of  the world.  There’s the famous ‘Feeding the wolf‘ story that is so true. Life Hack has a very simple post of  Nine Ways to be More Positive.  Follow that advice and you can certainly shift your perception to something a lot pleasanter to live with!




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