Sensible starting point when you suspect bullying


A complaint of bullying is a majorstep down a very formal path. It puts people in polarised corners regardless of the cialis pills validity or seriousness of the complaint.  Relationships are more damaged because of this. Some people put off making a complaint because of fear of  the repercussions.  Some managers are very badly damaged by accusations of bullying, even when an investigation discovers that the complaint is unfair.

Hayden Olsen, from Workplaces Against Violence in Employment, suggests an informal process as a starting point.  This is a mediated approach that aims for resolution of the problem, rather than retribution.  Whilst a formal process inevitably has to look back to see what happened. An informal process enables an organisation to look forwards and asks what needs to change for a better future?

Some organisations use this approach as a starting point. Consciously applying it could shift the process into something much more open and constructive for all parties.

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