Simple three way test for communicating with staff


One of my clients is working on her leadership skills in a major corporate organisation.   A recent session focused around getting key partners and managers to buy into a new strategy for the business unit.  In the end it came down to a  whole series of individual conversations – with other partners and with the managers.

How do you get those conversations ‘leaderly’? Run your conversation plans past this three-way leadership communication test:

1. Is what I am going to say going to be inspiring?

2. Am I being a good steward of the people?

3. Am I solving the problem?

There’s a lot more depth in Kouzes and Pozner’s book  ‘The Leadership Challenge’.  We also need to remember that leader communication is a mix of what leaders say, the communication behaviours they model and the decisions they make supporting a communicative culture matter too.  The three way test is a good simple start though.

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