When communication goes bad


The newspapers are filled with examples of communications that weren’t meant for the people reading them.  Often it’s deliberate as in whistle blowing and for others it is as the result of leaks. The result is the same -information out in the open and not for the intended viewer.

It’s a similar,if not as serious,problem for you in the office. We spend far too much time on emails rather than face to face communication.

How many of you have been cc’d into an email that is irrelevant and just takes up space.Or even worse when the sender says “You were copied in therefore I take no responsibility for you not reading it”

Have you ever sent an email in a rage? That can have serious consequences. Or have been copied in on gossip?  Emails can be a real problem

A couple of tips:

  • If you need a response urgently
  • If you have a difficult message to communicate
  • Or if you are angry or sad

Take a breathe and don’t send the email.Phone or face to face is always best!


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