It’s a bit scary out there! How to cope better with the after-shocks


How many of you in Wellington New Zealand have felt more than a little disconcerted with the recent spate of earthquakes?  It really knocks your equilibrium…golly, the earth isn’t meant to move!

Of course we are so lucky in comparison to Christchurch and the enormity of their disruptions.

I’m fine. Our building seems stable enough, but we can still find ourselves suddenly startled into thinking “Was that a gust of wind, or another one?”  It has certainly made me think about what we can do when we really have no control over the land we live on.

Well, obviously the first thing to do is to make sure you have your earthquake emergency kit easily accessible.  But what about our own resilience?

Control what you can:

  • Do less of the OMG !
  • Do more exercise – go for a walk (some of you are having to walk because your lifts are out!)
  • Chat with your colleagues abouthow they are managing, much as you would with your neighbors.
  • If your concentration is a bit shattered, work in short bursts
  • Do your breathing exercises

Share and care, but don’t get bogged down with stuff you cannot control.

Don’t be afraid of being scared …it’s a sign of commonsense







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