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Question from a current client: How do I raise my profile at work in an informal way? Recent restructuring has meant that all our executive team are based in a different city, including my immediate manager. In the past I’ve built great relationships from casual in-person contact, not from artificially cultivating people. I just don’t blow my own trumpet. Now I have to build those relationships not just for myself but for others, because I am one of the few senior people in our building. 

Here’s a useful slogan: 

‘You can get what you want by helping others get what they want.’

See what you can do by applying that principle, but here are a few suggestions as starters:

  • Work out what the others in your site need by way of interaction with more senior people, figure out with them how it could be achieved and be part of the process of creating it.  Obviously that will help the others in your workplace and you will be seen as pro-active and solution oriented.
  • Create a stimulating sense of group where you are.  You could get together with others to build interactions within your work site such as brown bag lunches, getting senior executives in to speak and social events. This will raise your profile as well as that of your branch.
  • Make your manager look good.  Find out what your manager needs to have happen to look good and make sure you are delivering that from where you are.
  • Tap into the human craving for direct interaction. When you start a new topic of communication with a senior manager, make sure that first conversation about it is voice-to-voice.  You will need to have a routine of being in frequent contact with them and it will mostly have to be by email,  but in person is memorable.  The principle of ‘Don’t start a new thread of conversation by email’ applies to all your contacts, but will be very important in this contex
  • Be part of supporting others in your profession.  Join the local branch of your professional association and take a committee role in that.  You will then be part of supporting others in your profession and will develop a higher profile for yourself.   A plus of New Zealand’s small population is that a strong  local profile will be noticed nationally as well.

There are some practical tips at How to raise your visibility at work and some broader approaches at: How to increase your visibility at work



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