How's your business savvy as you start 2014?


Looks like 2014 will continue the pressure for HR managers to become more business-savvy.  The issue has been around for a while, but the challenge is still with us because often it feels hard to focus on people while focusing on the business.

In many ways though, business is all people.

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Business success is the right people doing the right things to succeed. HR skills in learning should help find answers to the key question:

‘How do we in HR find a way to get the right things done for the direction of our organisation?’

The 2012 CIPD Report on  Business Savvy: Giving HR the Edge identified four foundations for embedding business savvy. Most people-people HR Managers would say they  already had the last two foundations: 3. Connect with curiosity, purpose and impact and 4. Lead with integrity, consideration and challenge.

These two foundations are the keys to pursuing the first two:
       1. Understand the business model in depth. You can use your HR curiosity               and purpose to really develop an in-depth understanding of your                             organisation’s business model and strategy. Ask questions about it and                   keep exploring it until you really understand the  direction of the                organisation.
       2. Generate insight through evidence and data.  Rather than kidding yourself it is impossible, face the challenge of acquiring the data to prove the success or otherwise of your HR initiatives.  Without the integrity of data you won’t be able to convince the senior leaders of the value of these initiatives.
To help, look at the useful advice  at: Are you a business -savvy product manager?, and in more depth at: How can HR become more commercial?  2014 could be your business savvy year!

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