About Communicate

22 years of training and development experience makes us experts in our field.  In over two decades, we’ve worked across the government, corporate and professional services sectors; training and coaching people ranging from senior managers to raw recruits.

We practice what we preach and are involved in a wide range of communication initiatives. In our outside work time, we also serve on various boards and community committees. In 1998, Communicate was awarded the ITC Communicator of the Year to reflected and acknowledge our emphasis on good communication.

We are committed Kiwis.  All our development programmes are highly practical and designed for the New Zealand environment.   We also emphasise programmes that are well grounded in research, using the latest international techniques. To ensure that we are on top of our game, we read voraciously and maintain active involvement in both the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and the New Zealand Association of Training and Development.

While we come very different backgrounds, we can cover for one another without missing a beat.  Each of us contributes uniquely to the synergy of Communicate and the quality of our services comes from the interplay of our skills.